I’m Danny Postma, a from
🇳🇱 The Netherlands.

I create, design, optimize and photograph.
You can contact me on: 🐤 💼 📸 📨.

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I create

Show your visitors messages with only a few lines of Javascript.

I'm currently building a Javascript plugin to easily send message to your website visitors.

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Curration of the best landing page designs on the web.

I’ve been collecting my favorite designs since 2015 and posting them on Landingfolio.

👨‍💻 Role: Founder View project

The biggest fitness and health platform in The Netherlands.

I’m responsible for conversion optimizing the website and building tools to gather more email and sales from visitors.

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Ebook with 200 high converting headline formulas

I’ve written an ebook that helps marketeer with creating headlines for their ads, emails and sites.

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110 App Landing Page Templates made in Bootstrap 4

Give your app the online presence it deserves with AppLanding: a set of customizable landing page templates

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I design

I design landing pages and e-commerce websites. Not based on opinions, but based on research. The end result is a persuasive design that speaks the customers language and has one goal; to convert visitors to customers.


Limited watches for real leaders

FIT Mealplan

Landing page for a mealplan product made for FIT.nl


Build credit with a debit card. Stay out of debt.


Fully managed & private GitLab hosting

I optimize

I help clients increasing their conversion rate by focussing on whats important; what do their customers want. I don't just change colors of buttons, but do major overhauls of their website using tools like Convert, Optimizely and Google Optimize.
Below are a few of my favorite results.

Redesign subscription flow and funnel Revenue +32%
Personalized product promotion on blog Revenue +89%
Restyling of funnel to make elements more clear Leads +27%
Redesign of complete funnel Leads +47%
Fixed navigation on website Pageviews +29%
Add optin for newsletter to signup flow Newsletter subscriptions +63%
Optimize banners under blog articles Pagevisits +512%

I photograph